rest grow warm wish
stay calm rest warm
grow fire salt dine
soul meet wish kiss
wake warm make care

Cass House Questionnaire

Inspired by the Proust questionnaire from the late 1800s
What is your idea of happiness?
Enjoying the simple things in life! Cooking with friends, walking my dog Max, laughing, drinking, laughing some more… On the flipside, I love the personal reward of working with a team of people to create something special. I feel so blessed and happy to have so many amazing people in my life and be afforded the opportunity to be creative.
What is your favorite four letter word?
What is your all-time favorite vacation location?
I don't think I've had my all-time favorite yet! I am a spa junky… I love the Ojai Valley Resort and Spa. I also love the idea of renting a house in the Italian countryside, taking cooking classes, and mingling with the locals.
If you could live anywhere but where you do now, where would that be?
I have moved over 35 times in my life and lived so many places. I have a special place in my heart for Boston’s North Shore, but I have to say, I knew instantly after moving to Cayucos that I would never want to live anywhere else.
What natural talent would you like to be gifted with?
A beautiful singing voice!
What is your favorite food?
I love grilled vegetables, fava beans, fresh spring peas, but I cannot imagine life without avocados!
What is your favorite drink?
I love and look forward to enjoying a beautiful glass of wine, but I have many moments when Maker’s Mark is my drink of choice.
What is your all-time favorite restaurant and why?
I do not have an all-time favorite restaurant. I tend to find a place that I love, and then want to visit that same place and order the same thing each time. Eventually, I move on to a new favorite! My most recent favorite is Farmstead in St. Helena.
What is your favorite food memory?
Going to Mexico with family as a young girl for lobster and homemade tortillas!
What is your greatest fear?
I am a bit claustrophobic, and even though I do not fear death, I do fear not having enough air or being trapped in a small space.
What do you appreciate most in your friends?
Their ability to laugh and to accept me as I am.
Who are your real life heroes or heroines?
I have to say my aunt and uncle are my heroes. My aunt Tovya is fearless, loving, accepting, and truly lives life to the fullest! My uncle Harry is who I turn to for advice, guidance, and support. What I love most about Harry is that he is so accepting and non-judgmental of people. He has achieved greatness in his line of work, has traveled and experienced so much, yet he never seems to judge others. He lives his life from a place of truth. I do not know what I would do without these two heroes in my life!
What four words describe your personality?
Positive. Supportive. Driven. Overstimulated.
What is your motto?
Say it out loud!