rest grow warm wish
stay calm rest warm
grow fire salt dine
soul meet wish kiss
wake warm make care

Cass House Questionnaire

Inspired by the Proust questionnaire from the late 1800s
What is your idea of happiness?
Fishing for dinner on a lake while also taking in the sun with friends.
What is your favorite four letter word?
What is your all-time favorite vacation location?
I can’t decide. It’s Copenhagen, Denmark or Interlaken, Switzerland.
If you could live anywhere but where you do now, where would that be?
I would live in the mountains of California. Trinity, Klamath, and South Lake Tahoe are all familiar places that include my love for natural water sources, alpine climates, and the serenity of the forest.
What natural talent would you like to be gifted with?
Artful penmanship or musical instrument competency. For now, I stick to my scribbling and skills of playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the recorder.
What is your favorite food?
Broccoli is my "favorite", salt is my "necessary".
What is your favorite drink?
Water. It’s about that moment when the last ice cube in the tall glass has just dissolved, leaving the liquid perfectly chilled, ice free, and available for uninterrupted consumption.
What is your all-time favorite restaurant and why?
I simply couldn’t pick one. I’ve been to many good restaurants, but my favorite restaurants always have a familial and communal feel to them. Whether a hole-in-the-wall noodle shop or a distinguished restaurant, my favorite places are able to welcome anyone with a comforting familiarity.
What is your favorite food memory?
Two standout moments come to mind. One memory that is more about the experience rather than the food we ate (sorry Grandma). We would gather as a family around my grandmother’s large dining table to eat, drink, talk, and be thankful for everything we had while enjoying the company of loved ones. These experiences allowed to me fall in love with food and food’s ability to bring people together.
A second memory is more specific. My brother and I dined around Copenhagen for a week while visiting and catering a birthday party for a friend. Our ultimate destination was a two Michelin-star restaurant in the North Harbor of the city, a decent distance from where we were staying. It was pouring rain that day, so we took the train. However, we found out it was a much longer walk from the train station to the restaurant than the maps showed. Drenched, we walked through the doors of one of the most elegant restaurants we had ever been to. We stuck out like sore thumbs… foreigners, soaking wet, and seemingly naive to the culinary experience that was ahead of us. The beautiful tasting menu did not disappoint. It took a few minutes to gather our composure and settle in, however we quickly found the presentation of the first dishes allowed everyone to forget about our embarrassing entrance. It was a time my brother and I will never forget.
What is your greatest fear?
I fear not being able to help others around me.
What do you appreciate most in your friends?
I admire honest, passionate people and hard workers in whatever they do. Great friends hold the ability to trifle with all, yet be serious when needed and remain devoted to their values.
Who are your real life heroes or heroines?
Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, firefighters
Who are your fictional heroes or heroines?
I admire Owl from the poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear because he knows how to live life. I’m envious of Owl for his hedonistic lifestyle and pursuit of happiness.
What four words describe your personality?
Enthusiastic. Resourceful. Dependable. Resilient.
What is your motto?
“Having a positive attitude is a small task that makes a big difference.” W.C.